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Little Flower, show your power- the One Rose Invitation

You don't have to wait until Valentine's Day to give a young lady roses! The 1st of October is the feast day of The Little Flower, St. Thérèse of Lisieux. Many of us pray to our little saint with the phrase: "Little flower, show your power." There is a wonderful initiative called the 'One Rose Invitation'. Yes, we are a little obsessed with roses on this blog!  So what's the One Rose Invitation about? It is an annual initiative to invite young women to consider the call to consecrated life as a religious sister. It was inspired by St. Thérèse of Lisieux, the patron saint of Imagine Sisters, who said, “After my death I will let fall a shower of roses.”

The Imagine Sisters website extends this invitation: "Do you know a young woman you think would make a great sister? Let her know by giving her a single red rose on October 1st. The rose is a symbol of the invitation to consider religious life, and an affirmation of the beauty of that young woman’s so…

Discovery Day- "Jesus, I trust in you!"

God has a plan for my life and wants me to trust Him. He asks me to place my past, present and future in his hands.
• What does it mean to trust in Jesus?
• How do I grow in trust?
• Why do I find trust difficult?
• The graces of trust
For young Women between 20-40

If you are seeking to come closer to God and to grow in trust, come for a Discovery Day on Saturday 10th October 2015 to the Disciples of the Divine Master, Whites Cross, Newtownpark Avenue Blackrock, Co Dublin.

Times: 10 am until 8pm with the possibility to stay on for personal quiet prayer and Eucharistic Adoration until 10 pm

Contact: 087 317 0964087 317 0964 or Sr. Louise at
Presenters: Fr Michael Goonan SSP and the Disciples of the Divine Master.
There are limited places for accommodation for those who may be travelling to the event.

“Christ our hope”- A talk given at Knock National Shrine, National Eucharistic Congress- 26th of September 2015


Feast of the Archangels-29th of September 2015

On the 29th of September 1998, feast of the Archangels, early in the afternoon, accompanied by my Mam and Sr. Brid, I made my way to the Divine Master Convent in Dublin to begin my official discernment and formation with the Disciples of the Divine Master. I was warmly welcomed by the Regional Superior of the time, Sr. Paul. In my vocational journey, the angels and archangels have always been close to me. I entered the community on their feastday, I began novitiate on this feastday and then in 2004, I professed my vows on the feast of the Guardian Angels. 

Today’s commemoration has given me a programme of life, once which was re-echoed on my family’s wish for me on my Profession card, an augural wish of ‘health, happiness and holiness’. Now I have an extra guardian angel in Heaven since Sr. Paul went up to join the heavenly party! The first picture is of myself, Sr. Brid and Mam. The next picture is 10 years later on the day of my renewal of vows and the last picture is of myself and…

24 reasons for wanting to spend one hour with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament

Twelve Reasons From The Teachings Of The Church For Wanting To Spend One Hour With Jesus In The Blessed Sacrament

1. You are greatly needed!
 "The Church and the world have a great need of eucharistic adoration." (Pope John Paul II, Dominicae Cenae)

2. This is a personal invitation to you from Jesus.
 "Jesus waits for us in this sacrament of love." (Pope John Paul II, Dominicae Canae)

3. Jesus is counting on you because the Eucharist is the center of life.
 "Every member of the Church must be vigilant in seeing that the sacrament of love shall be at the center of the life of the people of God so that through all the manifestations of worship due him shall be given back ‘love for love’ and truly become the life of our souls." (Pope John Paul II, Redeemer of Man)

4. Your hour with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament will repair for evils of the world and bring about peace on earth.
 "Let us be generous with our time in going to meet Jesus and ready to make …