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An audience with Pope Francis!

This morning we had the great blessing to participate in the General Audience with Pope Francis. We were up pretty close too, seated to the right of the Pope. Every Wednesday and Sunday, about 70,000-90,000 people regularly attend the catechesis or the Angelus with Pope Francis. We had to be there quite early so as to secure our seats so it was time to relax, pray, avoid getting sunburnt (the sun was very hot!) and banter among ourselves. Numerous groups had gathered from all over the world and cheers of joy went up from the crowds when their group was called out. At about 10.40 the crowd began to liven up as the Pope began weaving in and out of the various sections of the Piazza in the Popemobile. Every now and then the Popemobile would stop for the Pope to bless babies and young children. On reaching the steps, he energetically made his way to the sanctuary where he would begin his catechesis.

Here is what he shared with us this morning:
"Dear Brothers and Sisters, Good Morn…

All roads lead to Rome!

(Many people have been asking about the study visit to the Roman Curia which I undertook with my classmates a little over two weeks ago! I finally am getting round to putting some thoughts down. Thanks for your patience!)

From Ottawa to Dublin, from Dublin to Rome, all the roads were leading towards Rome for the JCL students of Saint Paul University. For some, it was the final two weeks of the JCL programme, having just completed comprehensive exams that same week. I travelled from Toronto to Dublin as one of our sisters was seriously ill and preparing to go home to God. The following day I went to Rome to meet up with the rest of my classmates who were already gathered there since the weekend and were enjoying the whole Roman experience including the sunshine and the warm temperatures. After such a long winter in Ottawa with snow until mid-May, it was a welcome change!
I was happy to return to Casa Madre Scolastica, our international student house, which I would be calling home for …