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My Master's Face

In the so-called 'selfie' culture, this poem struck a chord with me, it is entitled "My Master's Face'.

"No pictured likeness of my Lord I have;
He carved no record of his ministry on wood or stone.
He left no sculptured tomb nor parchment dim
but trusted for all memory of Him,
men's heart alone.

Who sees the face but sees in part;
Who reads the spirit which it hides, sees all;
he needs no more.

Thy life in my life, Lord,
give Thou to me;
and then, in truth, I may forever see my Master's face!"

William Hurd Hillyer

'Life is an ocean'- Following St. Brendan the Navigator

Today the Church in Ireland celebrates the memorial of St Brendan the Navigator. St. Brendan travelled tirelessly to evangelise and establish monasteries following his ordination to the priesthood at age 28. The sixth-century monk frequently sailed the high seas to spread the Gospel throughout Ireland as well as to Scotland, Wales and Brittany in the north of France. According to a 1,500-year-old Irish tale, however, St. Brendan embarked on one particularly epic journey in the winter of his 93-year-old life. Here, he is said to have set out onto the Atlantic Ocean with sixty pilgrims searching for the Garden of Eden! Regardless of what we think or believe about St. Brendan's voyages, they have a lot to teach us!

As a symbol for life’s pilgrimage, I return to my roots. I think of those Celtic monks who sailed out to sea in coracles, little boats, without a rudder for steering. The coracle was not just a boat, it speaks of much more–of journey and pilgrimage, risk and wonder, fear…