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Preparing for the World Meeting of Families

The following is a talk that I gave in March as part of the Novena of Grace which had as its focus this year, preparation for the World Meeting of Families.
Novena of Grace Halston Street
10th of March 2018
“Preparing in faith for the World Meeting of Families”
Good evening. My name is Sr. M. Louise O’Rourke, a sister from the Congregation, Disciples of the Divine Master. They say the Lord works in mysterious ways, well I think the fact I’m here this evening is proof of that. A chance meeting with Fr. Bryan in the corridor in the Diocesan Offices a few weeks ago has brought me here this evening. When I asked him, what I should talk about, he simply said, ‘just tell the people that God loves them.’ So, if you remember anything from what I’m going to say, remember that God loves you. That’s really the essence of the whole Bible and in particular the Gospel we heard tonight.As well as telling you, that God loves you, I hope to share some thoughts on the theme of the novena: “ Preparing in …

Celebrating the Feast of St. Benedict

Today the Church celebrates the feast of St. Benedict, father of monasticism and one of the patron saints of Europe. During my early days of religious life, I was discerning whether God was calling me to the Benedictine life because of my love for liturgy and my discovery of the Rule of St. Benedict which has so many gems for Christian and religious living. The Rule begins with the words: "Hear and heed my child, the voice of the Master." As I discerned, I realised that the Master for me was the Divine Master and so here I am! As I grew to know more about the charism of Blessed James Alberione, I was so happy to discover that he gave to us a life motto borrowed from the words of St. Benedict: "Ora et labora", that is, "Pray and work." He also gave prominence to the place of St. Scholastica in our spirituality and proposed her discipleship as a model for us. St. Scholastica was the twin of St. Benedict and our first sister was given the religious name …