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From Ashes to Alleluia

Talk for Ruah: 30th of March 2012
Divine Master Chapel of Adoration, Athlone
“From Ashes to Alleluia”
Dear God, we know that every journey begins with a first step. Be with us this evening as we take another step in our Lenten journey. We began this journey with the sign of ashes on our forehead, reminding us that this is no ordinary walk. We move one step forward in the promise of your light. We seek new meaning in the Easter that awaits us all. But first, we must walk with you to Jerusalem, to Calvary, to the Tomb and beyond.

Every religious experience begins with emptiness. We began the Lenten journey in the desert and we continue to walk, making the journey from Ashes to Alleluia.On Ash Wednesday we came forward to have ashes placed on our forehead and to hear the words “Remember you are dust and to dust you will return”.. The burnt palms, symbol of the joy and majesty which accompanied Jesus during his entrance into Jerusalem, become the dust and ashes placed on our forehead. Burned …

Catching the rhythm of God’s voice

Today in our Congregation and in the Pauline Family, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the return home to God of Mother M. Scholastica Rivata, our first sister Disciple of the Divine Master. Reflecting on her life and her discipleship has given me much food for thought. She truly was in tune with the voice of the Divine Master,seeking to do his will in all things. An early wake-up call from the birds and her life inspire these humble thoughts below!
"What does it mean to have a vocation? Is a vocation a job, a career, a way of life? What does money have to do with it? Have you often asked yourself- at twenty, thirty, forty, sixty- what am I going to do with the rest of my life? You’re not alone. Understanding vocation is the key to understanding life, not in the future but here and now. Understanding vocation is the key to living a meaningful life, the key to fulfilment on life’s journey.For Christians, vocation is the invitation to follow Jesus. “Come after me”, he said, in …

Preparing for the anniversary of M.M.Scholastica Rivata

This Saturday, we commemorate 25 years since M.M.Scholastica returned to the house of the Father. Here are some of her spiritual thoughts which allow us to see the depth of her spiritual union with her Divine Master.
'...Heaven is beautiful and to reach there we need to pass by the way of our Master, the way of the Cross, may the Lord be blessed because in His infinite mercy Heallowed us poor mortals to participate in it…

'Seek to correspond to the divine invitations and to work faithfully because the Lord has chosen you and loves you so much. He lets you taste the joy of belonging to Him, to be His, always be His. Give thanks to Him and keep faith that He will continue to enrich you with the Holy Spirit. Your ‘yes’ which you pronounced on the day of your Profession flows into each day until that final day where you will give to Him all of your life adorned with virtues and merits...

'No Disciple is greater than the Master, so let us all be se…