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The ABCs of Fostering, Supporting and Nurturing Vocations within the Home

I found this great post over at so thought I would share it.
Apostles. From the very beginning, help your children see that a Christian is meant to make a difference in the world around him, we are Christ’s ambassadors. Light of the world and salt of the earth. Make them aware that their faith is a gift and talent to share.
Answer your children's questions about priesthood or religious life; never discourage them or ridicule them if they bring it up.

Baptism. Celebrate each one’s Baptism Day as well as birthday – and yours too. Build family traditions around the celebration… a specially decorated Baptism Candle that you light for the occasion with a special prayer…, displaying photos of their baptism.., writing a card or saying a prayer for the priest who baptized them….
Bring your family to an Ordination Mass or prayer vigil for religious.

Catechism. Teach, explain, challenge and have them memorize. Always connect it with life. Challenge your teenagers with Church H…

Remembering Mother M. Scholastica Rivata on her birthday!

Today, the 12th of July, as Disciples of the Divine Master we celebrate the birthday of our first sister, now Venerable Mother M. Scholastica Rivata. She returned home to God on the 24th of March 1987 after a life which was totally dedicated to the Divine Master. She leaves us a precious legacy and a spiritual programme to follow. Here are some thoughts from her:

-Heaven is beautiful and to reach there we need to pass by the way of our Master, the way of the Cross, may the Lord be blessed because in His infinite mercy He  allowed us poor mortals to participate in it…

 -Seek to correspond to the divine invitations and to work faithfully because the Lord has chosen you and loves you so much. He lets you taste the joy of belonging to Him, to be His, always be His. Give thanks to Him and keep faith that He will continue to enrich you with the Holy Spirit. Your ‘yes’ which you pronounced on the day of your Profession flows into each day until that final day where you will give to Him all …

Just a thought...