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The journey from 'Hosanna' to 'Crucify Him'- a talk given to Ruah Prayer Group

This talk was given to Ruah Prayer Group on the 27th of March 2015 in the Chapel of Adoration, Divine Master Convent, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.

Agape talk: 24th of March 2015 “Doing God’s will-Saying ‘YES’”


Take a long view: Prayer of Archbishop Oscar Romero

“It helps, now and then, to step back and take a long view.
 The kingdom is not only beyond our efforts,
 it is even beyond our vision.
 We accomplish in our lifetime only a tiny fraction
 of the magnificent enterprise that is God's work.
 Nothing we do is complete, which is a way of saying
 that the kingdom always lies beyond us.
 No statement says all that could be said.
 No prayer fully expresses our faith.
 No confession brings perfection.
 No pastoral visit brings wholeness.
 No program accomplishes the church's mission.
 No set of goals and objectives includes everything.
 This is what we are about.
 We plant the seeds that one day will grow.
 We water seeds already planted,
 knowing that they hold future promise.
 We lay foundations that will need further development.
 We provide yeast that produces far beyond our capabilities.
 We cannot do everything, and there is a sense of liberation
 in realizing that. This enables us to do something,
 and to do it very well. It may be incomplete,

Provincial Assembly of St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society

Talk given at the Provincial Congress of St. Joseph's Young Priests Society: 13th of March 2015

" During the summer, I was approached by some young lay people who were very interested in making a video about religious life. What you just saw was the finished product. I felt very privileged to be part of this endeavour and to work alongside other committed religious brothers and sisters. Launched on youtube on the 2nd of February, it has already clocked up 11,000 hits or so. The video has drawn a very positive reaction from many areas, even from secular journalism, highlighting the fact that religious life does in fact still invite interest, even if at times, this interest is mere curiosity. Religious life has existed for thousands of years and in every major religion. Every human person of whatever race, culture or religion tends irresistibly towards what is holy, what is mystery. Some choose to live this search for God passionately. I call this a pilgrimage and identify mys…