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Invitation to Perpetual Profession

The invitation which I gave to all those attending Masses in our Parish:

Good evening/morning. My name is Sr. Louise O’ Rourke and I’m a religious sister from the Disciples of the Divine Master here in Castle St. Whilst being a native of Athlone, I’m probably a familiar face for some and not too familiar for others, as I have spent all of my formation years since I entered in 1998 outside of Athlone in our communities in Dublin, Italy, Poland and Vatican City. I returned less a month ago to Ireland to prepare for a very joyful event which is coming up next Sunday the 19th of June,where I will make my Perpetual Profession as a lifelong member of our Congregation. This for me, closes one chapter which began when I came for a live-in discernment in the community in Dublin whilst it opens another of this vocation which has been maturing, tried and tested and which peaks in Perpetual Profession and then continues to mature on life’s journey!
The celebration will take place at 3pm here in th…