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The Rose of Lima

No, you didn't read the title wrong...the Rose of Lima, not the Rose of Tralee. This evening, a familiar tune will drift through the televisions of many Irish households and through the internet for many other international followers. As a tenor belts out the words “The pale moon was rising…” this haunting melody signals that the new Rose of Tralee had been crowned. The Rose of Tralee International Festival is a week long festival and is one of Ireland's largest and longest running festivals. It is based around the selection of the Rose of Tralee, an international event that encompasses young women of Irish descent from Ireland and around the world. People sometimes ask if the Rose of Tralee Festival is a beauty pageant. As their website states, “The Rose of Tralee Festival is a multifaceted event that celebrates the many attributes of modern young Irish women.”

When we were younger, we all wanted to be a ‘Rose’, to dress up in a beautiful dress and share our story with the …