Feast of the Archangels-29th of September 2015

On the 29th of September 1998, feast of the Archangels, early in the afternoon, accompanied by my Mam and Sr. Brid, I made my way to the Divine Master Convent in Dublin to begin my official discernment and formation with the Disciples of the Divine Master. I was warmly welcomed by the Regional Superior of the time, Sr. Paul. In my vocational journey, the angels and archangels have always been close to me. I entered the community on their feastday, I began novitiate on this feastday and then in 2004, I professed my vows on the feast of the Guardian Angels. 

Today’s commemoration has given me a programme of life, once which was re-echoed on my family’s wish for me on my Profession card, an augural wish of ‘health, happiness and holiness’. Now I have an extra guardian angel in Heaven since Sr. Paul went up to join the heavenly party! The first picture is of myself, Sr. Brid and Mam. The next picture is 10 years later on the day of my renewal of vows and the last picture is of myself and Sr. Paul the week I moved in back in 1998!

Thank God for all the graces and blessings received over the years and for each person who has been a part of this adventure! God reward you all as only He knows.