To advent each other!

Advent, the season of light, is an invitation to advent each other,To bring the light of Christ into our own lives and into the lives of others
We can do this in simple ways:
Through the ways in which we welcome each other
And through the ways we recognise the pearl in every human heart.

There is a pearl in every season, a pearl in every heart.
Advent God bring this pearl to birth in us as we journey to Bethlehem.
Advent is a time to take God into all the areas of our lives
To rejoice in our own goodness and to sing the Advent mantra of gratitude.

Advent is the season that offers us the opportunity to let go;
without letting go of hope.
Allowing the Prince of Peace 'space' to be born again in each of us
Then in our hearts we can bless the wounded places in our world,
consecrate the fragile events of our society
And nourish the hearts of the 'unloved and unwanted' at the altar of daily life.
Let us go to our inner 'inn', the 'manger' of our hearts where we are wounded.
Let us invite our Advent God to take the sacred threads of our brokenness
And weave them into a tapestry of love and compassion.
Then in the Bethlehem of our hearts we will become a 'gift' to be given.

(from leaflet left in our Chapel- no author given)