A word from the Sisters

Founded in 1924 by Blessed James Alberione, we pray daily and come in Adoration to carry the needs of the Church and humanity, interceding for the different forms of media and for truth and goodness in their use. We draw strength there for our mission which is expressed in hospitality, support and service, particularly to priests and indeed to all God’s people. Our mission ripples out further as we promote liturgical formation and animation. This includes the production and distribution of sacred art which is available through our Liturgical Centres, a new way of evangelization which encourages an appreciation for beauty and dignity in the liturgy.  Every gift and talent can be used to serve God.
Some of the sisters share:
 “The Lord has always been near to me. At every stage He says: “Do not be afraid, I am with you.” Jesus says to all those searching: “Do not be afraid. I love you, you are precious in my eyes.” (Sr. Mary)
“My favourite Scripture is that of from John 20:11-18. Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene, calls her by name and then commissions her to go and tell the disciples He is Risen.” (Sr. Casmira)
Each day I attempt to re-read my history and my existence in the light of the word of God, to make the exodus from ‘I’ to ‘we’, to become ‘broken’ like the Eucharistic bread so as to be shared.” (Sr. M. Louise)
“During my time in Adoration I feel very united to the mission of Jesus when I can bring all people to Him knowing that He will take care of them all.” (Sr. M. Brid)
“People sometimes ask me if religious life is difficult. I reply, “There are moments of struggle. However, I truly believe that in every struggle that I have faced and overcome, I have felt a greater joy in the service of God.” (Sr. Kathryn)
“I think of the disciples where Jesus said: “Can you not keep watch one hour with me?” (Mt 14,37) and I thought, ‘can I keep watch and pray with Jesus?’”  (Sr. M. Gregorina)
“Community life has much to offer, uniting our talents and energy, all working for the same cause: the spreading of the Kingdom of God on earth.” (Sr. Muriel)
Just remember: ‘God created you to do amazing things!’ (Ephesians 2:10). Don’t be afraid to try!


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