They pierced my heart, the songbirds cried!

Jesus says: "I am among you as one who serves. I took your shape and form and in the flesh that limits, fades and dies, I entered into your human experience, to bring you back and to guide and guard your destiny. In the clothes of the shepherd I walked through the hills and valleys, searching every crevice and rock. I uncovered the undergrowth and I took on the cliff's bare edge to find the stray ones, to rescue the lost ones.

The boundary lines moved back to let me pass, and in in the homes of ancient foes, where doors were sealed and fences secured, I sat at table and joined the feast. Day by day, I watched for my prodigal child. The candle in my window was the sign that I was awake and waiting for your return.

I bathed the festered sores of tired feet and eased the wound of heart and soul. The years of desert dryness were brought to life in a spring of living water. It poured out from my side and opened pores of dying earth and the people came with longing to be washed, healed and renewed.

I poured out my love until it became the blood of life for the faithful ones and especially for the unfaithful ones. It filled broken vessels and ended the power line. When they pierced my heart the songbirds cried, but the water became a river linking the people to the ocean.

The earth bowed down in her restoration hour and all creation stirred with new beginnings. With my arms outstretched I link the compass points of the cosmic map. The grip of fear loosened in the heat of the sun, for the PROMISED LOVE OF GOD was fulfilled on the wood of the tree.