International Day of Prayer for the unborn- 25th of March 2017

"You knit me together in my mother's womb' (Psalm 139,13)
On the 25th of March 2014, feast of the Annunciation, where we celebrate Mary accepting to be the Mother of the Emmanuel, together with some of my classmates in Canada, I spent the morning praying outside an abortion clinic in Ottawa. It was a day I will never forget and I often return to that very cold morning praying for life on this special feastday. It was an act of reparation and prayer for those who for various reasons felt they could not say ‘Yes’ to the gift of life. Some people held pictures of our Lady of Guadalupe, I remember imploring her maternal heart to change the heart of those who went to the clinic. When I went home, I cried bitterly for the women and babies who went into that clinic and for the babies who never made it out of the clinic. I didn't think that it would affect me so much. As a woman, my maternal heart suffered with these women whose lives had been changed forever. All I could do was pray.
Today I make the same prayer: I pray for all those affected by abortion, the mothers, the fathers, the brothers and sisters, the grannies and grandads, the friends, our whole world. We pray for those whho work in these clinics, who advise our women, who finance these places. May we live a culture of life. We pray for healing for those who cannot move on from abortion. May we continue to "be midwives for the love of God, cradling that strength born in fragility, delivering healing to the crying world.” The greatest transformations happen in the silence and the stillness of the hidden life. Trust God is doing wonderful things with your life when you, like Mary, say 'YES'!