Preparing for our birthday!

February 10th, 1924 is a significant day for all Sister Disciples. It is our foundation day – our birthday. As a young priest, our Founder Fr. James Alberione was inflamed with a passion to spread the word of Jesus. By the end of his life he had given life to five religious orders and 4 secular institutes and an Association of Pauline Co-operators, who today make up the Pauline Family. We Disciples were founded to give life to this family through the living out of a contemplative and apostolic life. The Eucharistic Jesus is at the heart of our life.

We are consecrated women who come from many different nations. We are present in 31 countries, from Japan to Argentina, from New Zealand to India, from the Ukraine to Taiwan, reaching from East to West, North to South.  In 1963 we had our beginnings in Ireland, in Ballykeeran. Afterwards we moved to Athlone Town and then in 1992 we opened another house in Blackrock. Next month we celebrate our silver jubilee.

What makes us different, what makes us Disciples?

Our lifestyle is centred on three vital aspects of the Church’s life, the Eucharistic, Liturgical and Priestly dimension. These interplay and interact with each other. The values that lie at the heart of our life can be coined in simple words yet are filled with a profound spirit …faith, listening, hospitality, joy, intimacy, openness to God and others.

As Disciples, a considerable time of our daily life is spent in eucharistic prayer and lectio divina, both in a shared and personal way. We seek to live a prayerful life, prophetic in its simplicity and committed to the search for God. We are called to be witnesses of hope, aware that we have a responsibility for unity and communion, not only by praying for unity, but being promoters. In our intercultural communities , we are called to give value to diversity and to strengthen a communal vision, one where dialogue and communion are fostered.

We are involved in various forms of ministry in the local church, seeking to involve the laity in our eucharistic, priestly and liturgical mission. Our creative artwork is characterised by both beauty and liturgical significance. Our artistic ministry has one single aim – to help others in the quest for the divine beauty.

Our Liturgical Centres seek to be places of evangelisation and hospitality that foster spiritual and cultural growth.

Our service to the priest finds expression from personal care of retired priests to administration. In searching for new ways to express our mission, we give scope for each sister to discover and develop her own unique gifts and to place them at the service of the local church.

Please pray for us as we pray for you!