Fasting from what? The Lenten journey begins!

A few people have asked if I am going off Facebook and social media for Lent this year. The answer is no. Every year I toy with the idea. Some years I have fasted from Facebook and it has been good, I have to say. Each person knows what they have to do to make Lent more meaningful for themselves so as to arrive at Easter, a more committed disciple of Jesus, ready to celebrate the true meaning of Resurrection. It is a bigger challenge for me to post things which are signposts to God, pointing to the meaning of this blessed season. I am conscious that there are many of my friends here who don't go to Church yet appreciate some of the religious posts I put here. We can bring Good News. We are called to be saints! I have set myself the challenge to look at what I am posting, liking, sharing etc...and see if I can be less superficial and more wholesome. It is an invitation to post things which are positive and forward looking, honest yet respectful, life giving and not soul destroying. 
 I love this quote from Pope Emeritus Benedict: 'Lent is like a long 'retreat' during which we can turn back into ourselves and listen to the voice of God, in order to defeat the temptations of the Evil One. It is a period of spiritual 'combat' which we must experience alongside Jesus, not with pride and presumption, but using the arms of faith: prayer, listening to the word of God and penance. In this way we will be able to celebrate Easter in truth, ready to renew the promises of our Baptism." The battle belongs to the Lord! This Lent, He may ask you to 'take on' and not just 'give up' certain things. Let us journey together. Rest assured of my humble prayers for each one of you.