What if the Christmas story happened today?

The work is entitled: "Jose y Maria"
Artist is a comic artist named Everett Patterson.
Imagine the Christmas story
Happening in our day:
Mary and Joseph travelling on a bus
on an Irish motorway.
Instead of a bright and guiding star
Only headlights from car, after car.
The night: foggy, wet and cold.
The bus they are in: rickety and old.
Joseph: an anxious man, with fears
since Mary, his beloved’s time is near.
He spoke to the driver – a kindly man
“Not to worry” he said “I’ll do what I can”
He took the next exit and set them down
At the local hospital in a busy town.
The lady at the desk just shook her head
“Due to HSE cuts, we just don’t have a bed.
Perhaps you could go private at the local Nursing Home?”
So then it was that Joseph and Mary begin to roam.
Searching for shelter they went door to door
Until it came that they could walk no more
They stopped at a corner, welcomed by a homeless group
Who smiled at them, offered some bread and shared from their soup.
The story’s no different, though there be no donkey or ox,
the Son of Man, if born today, may be born homeless in a cardboard box.
(Author unknown)