Sometimes we just need a little word of encouragement!

You can do it!
Go team!
Hang in there!
Yes, we can!
Seize the day!
Each day is a new day!
Live life!
You know more than you think!
Keep going.
Don’t give up.
You can do it!
You are nearly there.
You are almost there.
You are getting there.
Nice try.
Don’t worry ... You are doing great.
Good try, but not quite right.
Have another go, I’m sure you’ll do better.
That’s almost it. or You’ve almost got it.
Go on. Have another try.
That is nearly perfect.
Better luck next time.
Don’t worry about it.
Hey, look how far you've come.
Tomorrow is another day!

Or as one of our saints, Maggiorino Vigolungo would say: "One step forward every day!"