The mosaic of Peter and Paul

"He will create beauty from the ashes. I know this. From the depths of my soul, I know this. Still, there are times I insist on doing it my way. I do it my way until an assaulting blow leaves me on my knees wondering if this is when he stops gluing together the pieces of my brokenness into something anew. I cry out to him and he pulls me into the shelter of his arms. With a gentle whisper he reminds me: My grace is enough for you: my power is at its best in weakness (2 Corinthians 12-9).
He assures me of his promise through the example of Saints Peter and Paul. Through him, he teaches me his glory has no boundaries and love no limit.
Without hesitation, Peter lays down his nets and steps off the boat when Jesus calls. Peter's love is deep-rooted and indisputable. And still, the beloved Peter denies him. Yet, with his faults and cracks, Peter is the rock he uses to build the Church.
And Paul- Paul spat venom at believers and stood to watch while they were beaten and bruised. And still he draws Paul close. He opens Paul's eyes and places his cloak over his shoulders. Paul surrenders completely to his will and in the darkest hours, from the smallest of confines, proclaims his glory.
Just as with Peter and Paul, he has a purpose for my weakness. He reveals his love for me, assures me he will never leave, and restores the broken pieces of my life into a beautiful mosaic."
(Reflection from Jennifer Hubbard, taken from June edition of Magnificat).