Sunday Reflection by guest blogger Sr. M. Kathryn Williams, pddm

Here is Sr. Kathryn's reflection on this Sunday's Gospel. 

"Renewing Touches"-
I have an attractive poster of a piano, a pink rose and a sheet of music. The following words are inscribed beneath the picture; Life is like a piano, it needs the Master’s touch. The word touch can be understood on many different levels. Physical touches can be light or heavy. We talk about being deeply touched and moved to tears. Whenever an artist restores something to its former beauty or we seek to add improvements to some aspect of our lives we talk in terms of retouching, restoring or renewing.

As we pray today’s Gospel we might watch the touching scenes as they unfold. Jesus is deeply touched by the desperate plea of Jairus. When the woman with the haemorrhage reaches out and touches his cloak, Jesus knew that her touch was different, distinct from the touch of others. And then, there is the touching scene when Jesus takes the dead girl’s hand and restores her to life again.

P.S. Today’s gospel speaks in a special way to those of us who are women. Jesus reaffirms and shows his special love for women of all ages. He cuts through prejudice and fear, restores health, life and dignity. He’s touched deeply by the feminine presence too … and not afraid to show it.
 Pope Francis reminds us that the encounter with the Lord sets us in motion, drawing us out of a self-referential lifestyle. The relationship with the Lord is not static, nor private, "Whoever puts Christ at the centre of his life, moves aside.”