A Divine Romance: Guest blogger: Sr. Kathryn Williams, pddm

I am happy to share some of Sr. Kathryn's thoughts which are published weekly in the parish bulletin of the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Athlone. Sr. Kathryn is one of my PDDM sisters in our Athlone community.

 "I belong to a congregation called the Disciples of the Divine Master. So whenever the word disciple pops up in the gospel, it immediately connects to something very close to my heart. It’s heartening to acknowledge that I belong to a people whose vocation to discipleship can be traced right back to the Gospel story. Actually, we can all claim to be a thread in the long line of sinners or saints or in-betweens that Jesus looks upon so lovingly.

Today we are given a glimpse at how Jesus calls his first closest friends. Our own call is just as authentic as theirs. As we know, the initial encounter is just the beginning. We don’t just follow Jesus or remain with him. As our Gospel unfolds, we too are invited to enter into a very close friendship and familiarity with him.

In fact, it might evoke a little self-consciousness or embarrassment to admit it, but at the heart of each call to discipleship there is a very personal invitation to enter into a divine romance - and let’s face it, most of us are captivated with stories of romance. Perhaps today, I can pray in thanksgiving for the millions of disciples throughout the ages who have responded to such a gift. And especially, during this Year of Consecrated life, let us thank God for the witness of those who live their total yes!"