Guest blogger: Advent Week 1

I am happy to post a reflection from our guest blogger Sr. Kathryn Williams. Sr. Kathryn is one of my sisters from the Athlone community. Her reflections are printed weekly in the parish bulletin of the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul. 

 A Warm Welcome

I was abroad for four years. When the time came to return, I felt a bit nervous. My imagination worked overtime. Many questions and fears swirled around my head. “Would I be welcomed?” As the plane glided down the runway, I scanned the tiny figures searching for someone familiar. Coming out of customs, my fears vanished when greeted by a group of welcoming and eager faces. I was expected. They knew I was coming.

Today’s Advent Gospel might evoke a similar scenario. We can focus our attention on preparing for the coming of this infant king. At this particular time of his coming, he will be defenceless and tiny, clothed in helplessness. He desires to be longed for, warmly and eagerly welcomed.

When a new baby arrives, a caring and loving environment is essential. We move about more gently, we watch and wait and are on the alert for every movement. Our senses are sharpened and fine-tuned. Perhaps during this season when I watch and wait for Jesus’ coming, I can make of these preparatory weeks an ongoing rehearsal that stretches far into the future. I also pray that I will not be so caught up and concerned with the busyness of the kingdom so as to overlook the welcome of our king.