It’s the little things!

-A surprise post-card
-Espresso coffee waiting for you after lunch
-Longing to see the intricate patterns of a snowflake
-Being Facebooked from the graduation ceremony that you are graduating from ‘in absentia’
-A baby sparrow landing on your window-sill and serenading you as you try to prepare a Canon Law lesson
-Catching up via skype with good friends who can bring out all that is good in you
-The determined primrose that is growing through the cracks and the gravel
-The old man who says ‘Jesus says hi!’ when I meet him coming out from the Adoration Chapel
-That I took between 17,280 and 23,040 breaths today and my heart beat 103680 times during the day (maybe minus that one beat where I nearly fell on the stairs!)
- The leaves in the carpark which are dancing in the wind as Autumn makes its grand entrance
-Looking through photos from the past few years and seeing how God has blessed me with great people along the way
-When I heard my favourite song on the radio and realised that I still know the words
-Being able to write a ‘thank you’ note with a new fountain pen and not smudge (note: fountain pens are not made for lefties!)
-Getting a text message that actually had correct grammar and punctuation
-Eating ice-cream and some tooth nerve not doing Riverdance
-Looking at the prayer intentions and smiling at the one with the child’s handwriting which asks God to ‘look after Jesus and Mary…they’re our friends’
-10 minute power naps which leave you with the feeling you can take on the world, even on a Monday!
- Mid-afternoon texts
-Starting a new book and realising that this is really what I need to read right now
-The fresh smell after it rains
-Being almost half-way through a ‘to-do’ list by lunchtime


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