Remembering Sr. M. Gabriela, pddm.

Sr. M. Gabriela, pddm.
It has taken me a few days to write this blog because every time I sit down to do it, it is hard to believe what I am writing. On Friday, Heaven gained another one of our sisters, Sr. M. Gabriela Kubecka, a young 33 year old Polish sister Disciple of the Divine Master. I was blessed to share the religious journey with her in Poland and then together in Rome as we prepared together as companions for Perpetual Profession with the other sisters who together composed the “fantastic 8”, named after the first group of sisters whom our Founder called to compose our new Congregation!

Gabri, I cherish great memories from the time we spent as a group in Casa Betania in Italy and road-tripping around Piedmonte for the Pauline Family pilgrimage. It was an adventure! We drew attention wherever we went, an international bunch of young sisters, joyful, smiling and at times loud! People were curious to know who we were, what we were doing. You were always willing to share the driving and get us safely to our destination. Both of us were probably the more 'serious' of the group but more than often we just succumbed to the fantastic madness of our group, it was hard not to...they were all so loveable! Despite us all being so different, we got on so well, learning so much from each other. It was an experience which changed us all, something you underlined in your own request for Perpetual Profession.

Our group are saddened for this loss but we carry on with the knowledge that you will intercede for us. You know what the journey is like, the good days and the bad days. You know what it is like to renew that ‘Yes’ every day , not knowing where the journey will lead, only that it is the perfect and life-giving will of the Father. He found you ready to be with Him eternally. This was his will for you!

Gabri, there is almost a spiritual envy that now you meet the Bridegroom whom you served with all your life. You meet Him face to face. What an amazing thought! How amazing to be met by Blessed Alberione, Blessed Timothy, our beloved Mother Scholastica whom you strove to imitate, to become like her a burning candle and to joyfully offer your life. To join the saints whose lives you diligently read and studied. I am sure you were met by our sisters whom you nursed together with the priests whom you assisted so generously from Dom Bernardynska in Lublin during these past years. Indeed you kept me up to date with how the various priests were doing, who was sick, who sent greetings etc. It rekindled the fond memories I had of my service there.

Gabri, our hearts are sad today but we take consolation that you are receiving Jesus' strong embrace for your fidelity, your prayer, your commitment to serving his priests most in need. Over these days, as companions, we cried together over skype as we tried to come to terms with the surreal news and the suddenness of your departure. However, we have also laughed and smiled as we remembered the good times we shared and which are immortalised in the witty powerpoint and the creative video productions which you prepared for us at the end of our trimester of preparation. We will miss your beautiful smile and presence but we carry you in our hearts forever with a love that goes beyond distance or even death itself! Intercede for us and our Family and indeed for your family, your dear parents and your twin sister. Do zobaczenia w niebie siostrzyczko!

Here are some photos of our group with Sr. M. Gabriela! Photo gallery

Note: When one of our sisters returns home to God, a necrology of their life is prepared to celebrate the journey which they have made in life. You are invited to read the necrology of Sr. M. Gabriela here. It is a beautiful witness to her life and to what made her special to us.