Simply 'Yes'!

One word: Yes! A life programme! Surrender all! Fiat! Amen! Let it be done. 
 Believe it or not, the word YES is the most powerful prayer you can make. It’s saying that, “I believe God that you probably know what’s best for my life . . . for my life more than I do, and I’m willing to trust you with my life. And I’m willing to go along with what I understand to be your plans for my life.”

Today, the liturgy had us meditate the scene of the Annunciation of the archangel Gabriel to Mary. Pope Francis reflecting on this Gospel back in October, sums up the Annunciation like this:

“God surprises us, God asks us to be faithful and God is our strength.”

He explains saying that God surprised Mary, but despite this she was able to say, “Here I am, the servant of the Lord, be it done onto me according to your word”. God does surprise us, he wreaks havoc with our plans, but he also says “trust me, do not be afraid”. In his second reflection “God asks us to be faithful” Pope Francis explained that God is loving, but he also “demands that we be faithful in following him”. Mary was that faithful follower, he continued, she said her “yes” to God both in moments of joy and sorrow.” The Holy Father then said, our duty is to “walk with God always, even in moments of weakness, even in our sins. That, he added, is what is means to be “a full-time Christian.” In his third point, “God is our Strength”, Pope Francis said that Mary gave praise and thanks to God . She did this, the Pope stressed because, “Everything is his gift. He is our strength!” He also underlined the importance of not taking things for granted and asked people to remember, three key words, sorry, excuse me and thank you.”

Myself and Sr. M. Florence,
celebrating St. Patrick's Day 2012
Mary said ‘YES’! Ordinary people say yes to God and do both ordinary and extraordinary things as a result By saying “yes” to God, we are essentially saying that He is the most important thing in our lives, and that all good things spring from that wonderful fact. Mary is the ultimate model of this . As religious sisters, we often reflect on the life of Mary so as to imitate her. As I write this, I have a special remembrance for a dear sister, Sr. M. Florence, who on the 29th of December will profess Perpetual Vows as a Disciple of the Divine Master  Sr. M. Florence spent four years in our Delegation community in Dublin and I was blessed to be with her for one of those years. Our thoughts are with her as she prepares for this very special occasion. In our Congregation, all of us in religious profession receive the name ‘Mary’ so that we are constantly reminded that we have Mary as our model in all things. Sr. Mary Florence will take a leap in faith, just as Mary did! Mary had to let go of her plans and say “Yes” to a life of faith. In spite of her awareness of her own unworthiness and littleness, she had to say “Yes” to become the mother of God and also all that it would entail.  She was asked to let go of her plans and let God take over her life.  Mary’s “Yes” was to culminate at the foot of the cross.Mary understood well that she would never completely understand! Even in her limited understanding, she trusted in God and said “Yes” to God's plan.

More than often, we are afraid to say 'yes' because we are afraid of failing. What could you do if you stopped telling yourself “no” and simply tapped into the power of yes, which is ultimately handing over oneself to God. Yes, this means not being in control, which many of us are not used to. Ask yourself, “What is the worst thing that could happen?” Then ask yourself, “What is the best thing that could happen?” We have to believe that God only wants the best for us.

Yes, three letters, a tiny word but huge potential! Potential enough to be the bridge between Heaven and Earth, the birth of a Saviour King! God is waiting for your 'Yes' in the little things and the big things of life!