Opening of the trimester in preparation for Perpetual Profession

The junior sisters with Sr. Regina, Superior General,
Sr's Celine and Sr. Micaela, General Councillors who will be
accompanying us on this journey
It's official....we've begun the trimester in preparation for Perpetual Profession. The sisters arrived yesterday in their new community which will be home for us for the next three months. Squeals of delight filled the corridors yesterday with the arrival of the 6 sisters from Casa Madre Scolastica in the afternoon. Sr. M. Marta arrived earlier in the morning, whilst Sr. Louise had already been in Casa Betania for the past few days, preparing to be the 'tour guide' of Casa Betania and find out where everything is in the house!!!
After unloading all the suitcases and accompanying their sisters to their rooms, we embarked on the mini-tour of the house, met the rest of the community and went for Adoration in the Church of Jesus Master before meeting for an informal meeting with our guides Sr. M. Celine and Sr. M. Micaela who gave us some orientation for the next few months.

With gratitude to God for the marvels that He continues to work in our lives, we joined the other PDDM communities of Via Portuense for the breaking of the Bread and the Word of Life at 9.00 am this morning for the opening of the Trimester. Fr. Juan Galaviz, ssp, was the celebrant for the Eucharist. With Sr. Fiorella's musical enthuasism encouraging the liturgical assembly to partecipate even more with the singing, the celebration was a true celebration of the Day of the Lord. The recessional hymn "Jubilate Deo" was very fitting, echoing the joy of the sisters who begin this time of preparation.

At the tomb of M. M. Scholastica Rivata, first Disciple of the Divine Master
Inspired by the example of our first sister, M. Scholastica Rivata, pddm, we gathered around her tomb to ask for her intercession so that her spiritual programme: "You, Lord and nothing else!" may become our motto. It was a poignant moment as we realised how God has gathered us from 8 different corners of the world, guided our footsteps so as to arrive here in Rome. We are all so different yet we have some much in common; above all, a love for the Divine Master which has led us to consecrate our lives to Him at the service of the Eucharist, the Priesthood and the Liturgy. Such bonds know no distance! Before the tomb of M. Scholastica, we remembered the various provinces and delegations which have supported us and continue to pray for us and with us. In a particular way, our thoughts go out to the Mexican Province who begin their Provincial Chapter today.

Another bout of exploring was on the cards, venturing as far as the novitiate house where there is an abundance of fruit in season,much to the delight of the sisters who carried out their own private 'fruit-testing'!
Another discovery was the 'Pauline' cart in the novitiate garden, reminding us that the next few months are a time to verify if the wheels of prayer, apostolate, poverty and study are all in tandem!

Making sure the Pauline cart moves on all four wheels!

Maybe this is the moment to introduce you to the group, so here it goes!

Sr. M. Gabriela- from the Polish Province

Sr. M. Hedda- from the Province of the Philippines- Taiwan-Hong Kong

Sr. M. Justine- from Burkina Faso and part of the African Delegation

Sr. M. Marta- originally from Nicaragua, part of the USA Delegation

Sr. M. Kelly- from the Brazilian Province

Sr. M. Cecilia- originally from Vietnam, also part of the USA Delegation

Sr. M. Emma- from the Mexican Province

Sr. M. Louise- from the Irish Delegation

Today, the liturgical calendar reminds us of the feast of the Name of Mary, a feast particulary dear to the PDDM as each one of us is given the name of Mary at the time of religious profession! Happy feastday to all !!!!  The community gave us a great welcoming lunch, encouraging us to finish off everything! We obliged alright which was fine until we realised there was still dessert- Italian ice-cream and homemade biscuits. How could we say no!? Sunday afternoon is quiet, some some siesta and then off to Adoration where all your intentions are remembered. Some ice-breakers are on the agenda later...should be fun!!!


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  2. Grazie Louise!!!Almeno si puo' conoscere le nostre consorelle. Saluti a tutte da Gerusalemme!

  3. Grazie anche a voi! Portaci nel cuore nella Terra di Gesù! E' stato molto simbolico, il nostro primo incontro è stata con Sr.M.Regina che ci ha dato un regalo della croce di Gerusalemme!

  4. Thanks for this blog ... I like its title Pilgrims' Progress ... Indeed, you will be pilgrims in a special way for the next months ... I assure you of my company in prayers as you go on with the pilgrimage. All the best!


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