“Diversity is richness! Forming oneself for interculturarity”

Sr. M. Gemma Victorino, pddm
On the 14th of September, Sr. M. Gemma Victorino, Vicar General, guided us in a virtual tour around the world with the session entitled: “Diversity is richness! Forming oneself for intercultarity”. After having reflected on our common origins, each one shared the ‘precious pearl’ of their culture together with a cultural wound of their people or reality. The session brought us to conclude that each culture has its own beauty and creativity together with its shadows, thing which have happened in our social and ecclesial history which we would prefer to forget. This echoed the workshop which we had yesterday where Sr. M. Regina had spoken to us of the importance to offer everything to God, even the dichotomy of the good and bad which exists in us. This urges us onwards towards reciprocal respect in reconciliation and humility, finding strength in the love of the Lord who gathers us in his name, even with the diversity and differences
Sharing our 'precious pearls' and our 'wounds'

Blessed James Alberione,
Founder of the Pauline Family
Now we are preparing for the departure in pilgrimage to the places of our foundation in the north of Italy. We will be staying with the PDDM community in Sanfrè so as to get to know better the places associated with our origins of the Congregation and of the Pauline Family. It's a very significant moment, especially for those who are visiting for the first time. It is the opportunity to go back to the places, the people, the land which was so important for Fr. Alberione and the first Paulines. We will have the opportunity also to listen to our 'older' brothers and sisters recount the story of the humbles beginnings of the Pauline Family and how they too were part of this great plan of God to raise such a Family in the Church. This zone, Piedmont, which has given so many saints to the Church and above all, to the Pauline Family, continues to fascinate us younger sisters. We are grateful for the sacrifices which the previous generations have made so as to put down a strong foundation for our Family.

We bring you all with us in our hearts during this pilgrimage. Please pray with us for a safe trip and that we may be a strong witness to the love of God and the joy of being religious wherever we go!
All will be quiet in Blogland until next week so ciao for now !