Visit to Sr. Angelica Ballan's workshop

From the very beginning God has utilized and taught His people the importance of creating memorials and to place value on remembering the important matters of life through visualization. One does not even have to study scripture to see the factual importance and effectiveness of visualizing. Science itself has declared that humans are visual by nature, and that people retain more of what they see. One such person who operates from this perspecive is our sister, Sr. M. Angelica Ballan.
She recounts: 
Sr. M. Angelica Ballan, pddm
For many many years now, I carry out my apostolate at the heart of the liturgical apostolate of the Disciples of the Divine Master in the area of art and sculpture. The demand for figurative art for chapels and Churches keeps me always on my toes, and more importantly it keeps me connected to the Lord who infuses interior strength into my soul and brings out a work of art which encourages those who look at it to be moved towards prayer and a deeper connection with the spiritual life. It is his work, not mine. My sculptural techniques tend to focus on expressive particulars such as the face or the hands, always in a gesture of offering and donation.Essentially, the reason why I work on sculptures is to provoke love for the Face of God and his Mother by means of the various works. I desire to announce the Good News through the mysteries which they represent.
Sr. Angelica has been involved in working with many projects, both in Italy and abroad. For those of us who know her, her love and enthuasism for her work is contagious! God has truly blessed her with a unique gift and all over the world her statues are renowned for their realism and the humanity which they express. To see some of the work of Sr. Angelica and see her at work, click here .
Other projects include the Chapel of Reconciliation in Knock, Ireland, as well as one of the past processional statues, Mother and Child Statue ( 3.5 metres high in bronze) in Our Lady of Grace Church, The Bronx, New York and many more! Ad moltos annos Sr. Angelica!
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  1. In fact, her works of art (or the God's work through her) are amazing! Our apostolate is amazing! Be Disciple is amazing!!!!

  2. I am trying to find the picture of the sculpture of Mary and John at the foot of the cross --in a church in Rome -- not the one at the Marianist Generalate. Can you help?

  3. I would like to meet Sister Angelica, and to learn sculpture with her, is it possible? Thank you for your answer!

  4. About three decades ago when I visited the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master in Athlone, Sr Brid showed me a life size statue made by Sr Angelica of the Virgin Mary with her Baby. Recently, here in Lucknow India, I saw a photo of one of Sr Angelica's images in my daughters' school. I recognised it immediately and it made me smile.


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